Gabby Douglas Olympic Gymnast

- September 14, 2016 -

I recently had the opportunity to shoot Olympic Gymnast and Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas leading up to the 2016 Olympics.  Not only a great athlete but a great person to work with.  She was a great sport being tugged from one shot to the next with both stills and video.  We were paired with a film crew which adds a level of complexity in itself but we pulled off some great imagery in a short amount time.2016-05-01_gabbydouglas_1620 2016-05-01_gabbydouglas_1572 2016-05-01_gabbydouglas_0983 2016-05-01_gabbydouglas_0533 2016-05-01_gabbydouglas_0395 2016-05-01_gabbydouglas_0372 2016-05-01_gabbydouglas_0351

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