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- July 13, 2015 -

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I recently did shoot to highlight Holloway Athletic Apparel’s upcoming athletic wear. In this shoot the goal was to show the athletic wear in motion, almost as if you were watching it live. It would allow viewers to get a better idea of how the uniforms and athletic wear will look in action, on the field and in the gym.

It was a lot of fun doing this shoot and working with the athletes and their coaches. The coaches were a vital part of shoot, and were able to help the athletes attain authentic movements, giving the shots a more live-action feel. Shooting athletes is all about timing, not just with lighting, but also with movement. When you shoot someone who is running, you only have so much time to capture their body movement, correct positioning and facial expressions. We need to make sure that shots taken in the studio look as if they were taken on the field. That is why pre-production and planning are so important for these shoots. Every shoot is a balance of journalistic photography and advertising in one setting.

All of these elements are achieved with the help of a great team. For this shoot, my team was comprised of a digital tech, second assistant, hair & makeup, wardrobe, art/creative directors, producers, project manager/account executive, client and coach. A lot goes into every shoot and these people make it all possible.

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