The Illumination Studio : Connecting with Food Photography

- March 10, 2015 -

Food, especially healthy food, is something that I am very passionate about. People have strong connections with food. Certain foods and smells associated with food connect us to specific moments or times in our lives. This is what makes food photography so fun and exciting for me.

Food Photography, Renovated Kitchen

The Illumination Studio Kitchen

When it comes to food photography, the space you shoot in is incredibly important. I believe that natural lighting is necessary to capture that authentic feeling, connecting people with food, and it is what I love most about my studio. I recently made some renovations to my studio, which included a completely updated kitchen. With this new kitchen I am able to shoot much of my food photography in-house, allowing me to expand my experiences and shift my focus to food photography. The renovation also allows me to shoot as simply or technically as needed, depending on the subject, and add my own personal style to the mix. Creating feeling and connections between people and food is something I strive to craft in every one of my food related photographs.

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